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State Budget and Health Care

March 2017


  • In this year’s budget, there is $3.3. Billion dollars missing relative to eight years ago— all having gone directly to the wealthy.


  •  Christie wants to cut $125 million dollars in spending this year on health benefits for state workers and another $125 million for teachers and local government workers.


  • Based on what we know, Christie is planning on counting savings from passing an out-of-network bill. For the past two years, CWA has supported out-of-network legislation in the state legislature. Christie’s version of the bill would solely benefits hospitals and not patients. Insurance companies say the amount Christie thinks it will save is greatly exaggerated. Christie’s out-of-network proposal is not in the budget as of now and will try to get it passed last minute to be included. CWA is against this and will soon join other unions in the State Health Benefits Plan to send a letter to Democrats in the legislature: No budget resolutions on our health benefits of any kind and fully fund health benefits this year.


  • Last year, the representative from the PBA, voted with the Christie Administration and against other unions on healthcare, so we will have fight at the State Health Benefits Plan Design Committee to make sure every union represented votes against this type of plan.

Federal Government and NJ Resistance

March 2017

  • Three very important matters happening at the Federal level:
    • The Trump-Ryan Health care Plan. The bill was just withdrawn but now is being pursued again.
  • The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch has made it clear that he opposes workers’ rights.
  • The Trump Budget that will cut billions of dollars in social services, environmental and health funding. One-third of the jobs in the State are federally funded and could come from the areas that will be cut.

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